Dealer Application

Want to sell our premium body shaping products? Skinister is accepting dealer applications from select retailers, including high-end boutique, corset shops, and bridal stores.

Dealer Overview:

  • No minimum orders.
  • Save up to 50% on wholesale orders and 20% on dropshipped orders.
  • Dropship orders include a customized packing slip with your own company name, logo, and contact details.
  • Place and track orders via the Skinister Dealer Portal. The portal also contains high-res images, dealer news, and more.
  • Sell at approved brick-and-mortar stores and/or approved ecommerce websites. Approved ecommerce sites must be owned and operated by the dealer. We do not currently allow sales on third-party sites, such as eBay or Amazon.


Please complete the dealer application below. A Skinister sales representative will contact you within 3 business days to complete the registration process.

Please list each brick-and-mortar store and/or ecommerce website where you intend to sell Skinister merchandise.
Choose a Password for the Dealer Portal.